Intellisafe Upgrade

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Upgrade to Intellisafe functionalities for just £74.99!

Upgrade your Volvo XC90, V90, V90cc or S90 to Intellisafe to gain extra safety capabilities such as:

  • Run-Off Road mitigation
  • BLIS with Steer Assist
  • Oncoming Lane mitigation 
  • Oncoming mitigation by braking

Add all of this functionality to your Volvo for just £74.99! 

The upgrade is only applicable to XC90, V90 V90cc and S90 vehicles manufactured between 2016-2018. Offer valid until 31/12/2019.

High standards

IntelliSafe is what we call the standard safety equipment in all new Volvo cars. This high level of standard safety on all new Volvo cars is a vital element in helping us to achieve our safety vision of reducing exposure to safety conflicts on all vehicles. Learn more about some of the key features and how they contribute towards our Vision - that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.

City Safety

City Safety helps to protect people inside and outside the car by spotting potential danger and helping you avoid it. Volvo Cars was the first to introduce this type of safety system as standard in every new Volvo car. City Safety uses radar and camera technology to identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and large animals, such a moose, elk or horses, day or night. It warns you if it detects an imminent collision and, if you don’t react in time, it can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate a collision.

At speed differences up to 50 km/h between the car and the vehicle in front, a collision can be avoided if the driver does not react. At higher speed differences, the collision can be mitigated. In some of our cars City Safety also includes Steering Support, which helps you to steer away from danger as effectively and safely as possible.

Active and connected safety systems

Our approach to safety is unique. We have been studying car crashes in great detail since the 1970s and have developed a range of features that help to mitigate crashes, improve driver alertness, communicate speed limits and even communicate directly to other cars when there is a danger on the road ahead with our Slippery Road and Hazard Light Alert features.

We understand the most common cause of collisions and single vehicle crashes and have developed features to help mitigate a wide range of potential scenarios that could result in a collision or a car leaving the road unintentionally.

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